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Is Promo Push the future of dance music promotion?

These days, people who are in the music industry are expected to wear many hats. DJs are also expected to be putting out records, and producers are expected to perform live and/or DJ to promote their work. The situation gets even more intense when people are releasing their own music, with the demands of getting the tracks to the stores just as important as promoting the tracks and getting them to the right DJs — so they will gain attention, rather than being lost in the background.

As technology has advanced, the premises of getting your music out to the masses has become easier, but as much fun as it is to be able to do away with dealing with record labels, the unexpected side-effects of being expected to take care of everything in-house can be harder for many to handle.

Anything that takes artists away from creating music is a bad thing, so therefore anything that makes life easier and doesn’t cost a bomb is a very good idea indeed. One such godsend is the new service from Promo Push — a new music promotion platform that promises to make the life of DJs, artists, producers, managers and PR companies much easier by taking care of their music promotion, and not entrusting it to a promo company that doesn’t care for your tune or label but will offer you the service anyway just to make money!

Promo Push is designed to let their customers manage all of their own promotional needs by building campaigns, managing campaigns, promoting tracks and then compiling detailed reports, as well as rights management by digitally watermarking tracks.

At the core of Promo Push is their website, which provides a clean and user-friendly interface that manages to be both very powerful, but also intuitive. Creating and uploading contacts is very easy, as is creating campaigns. Tracks are easy to upload, with straightforward forms to ensure that all of the relevant information is recorded before the promotion starts. Once a campaign is started, real-time analytics and reporting give instant feedback on the success and feedback being generated. Feedback from DJs who have been contacted in promotions can listen and rate tracks on the Promo Push site, with the results being automatically compiled.

Prices for a single track are reasonable at £15. However, an extra fee of £5 is applied to use Audiolock watermarking, which offers automated monitoring and takedowns of tracks from file-sharing sites, as well as identifying the person who leaked the track so they can be removed from mailing lists.

Promo Push will suit many people who have their own databases of contacts that they wish to keep to themselves, without the hassle usually involved with setting up systems in-house to do the job. Others who have no database of their own will need to factor in the cost of buying one into the equation, or spend the time building up their contacts the old-fashioned way.

Overall, Promo Push has managed to put together a very impressive set of features in a web environment that looks slick, as well as being very easy to use. While Promo Push isn’t going to do everything for your promotional campaign, it can take a lot of the time and pain out of the promotion process and ensure the results are slick as well as getting the most amount of attention and DJ feedback. Anyone who is serious about promotion of their tracks, projects or labels would do well to have a look at what is on offer from Promo Push to see what could save them time and money, and allow them to get back to the most important thing — making music. 


Build quality8.0
Ease of use9.0
Value for money8.0
Sound Quality9.0


A one-stop shop to promote music that is packed with features but very easy to use.


There are no standard set of contacts included, these will need to be imported or purchased from a third party.


Promo Push will save time and money for artists — as well as labels and management companies — by making their online music promotion slick and easy to prepare and manage.