With Miller Genuine Draft

This is the last week for entering the DJ Mag Wildcard category of Miller SoundClash 2015.

Throughout the entry period, we have been shining a spotlight on the DJs from around the world who made last year’s competition so memorable; the guys and girls who represented their countries by bringing their sounds to Las Vegas’ most intense dance floors! This week we catch up with Argentinean duo Come & C.

Think you can make an impact in Las Vegas? There is still time to enter! Simply submit your mixes for your chance to fly to Sin City. The closing date is this Friday 17th July.

But first, make sure you read on to learn from the experiences of 2014 finalists Come & C…

Hi guys, what has been going on since you left Las Vegas?

“The first thing we did when we arrived in Argentina was focus on producing our new sounds inspired by the things we lived in Vegas. The intensity of the sounds and the energy of the clubs made us want to create more powerful tracks to play live in our sets. We also started a series of shows in Buenos Aires, sharing the stage with important figures and performing in the best local venues.”

Great stuff! So which events have you been playing? “We had the chance to play in several important stages. The highlights were Mandarine Park with Sander Van Doorn and being part of Ultra Buenos Aires for the second consecutive year! It has been a fabulous year for us. We lived great moments and experiences and we are very motivated for what’s coming next!”

So what have you been working on, musically then?

“We’ve been doing a series of tracks focusing exclusively for the most intense moments of our sets. The last one we edited is called ‘We Take Over’. Now we are finishing a new vocal track that will be released really soon. We are filming a new video also so look out for it.”

And are you still living in Argentina?

“Yes we are still living in our hometown. We have a lot coming up and we are aiming to grow a bit more here before we conquer other frontiers.”

Do you believe your Miller SoundClash exposure has aided any of the success you’ve enjoyed?

“For sure! The experience of the Las Vegas event gave us so much energy to push our careers forward. We believe one of the most valuable things any contestant can get from Miller SoundClash is the ability to grow as an artist and a professional.”

What was your favourite memory from last year’s competition?

“Our best memory was when we played at the Marquee Day Club with the dance floor full of people and several Argentine flags flaming in front of us. We will never forget that moment, as well as the warm support from the crowd.”

What would be your one tip or recommendation to those guys currently creating their mix for Miller SoundClash 2015?

“We recommend to try to show and tell everything they can in those 15 - 30 minutes – it’s not much time. In our case, we also saw an opportunity to integrate our own songs to try to show our abilities as producers as well.”

What’s coming up for you in the future? What and where can we expect to see you in 2015?

“We’ve just signed a record deal with Sony and there’s a bunch of new productions we are releasing through them. We hope we can meet again in any of those fabulous parties Miller throws around the world!”

You can keep up with Come & C through their Facebook Page and follow Miller SoundClash on Mixcloud.