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Hello? Repeat boss thinks back


First record you ever bought?
“The first record I've bought was De La Soul '3 Feet High & Rising'. I remember this time as it was yesterday. I was 13 and I had to kill my piggy bank to buy it. I was proud as hell to own it.”

First ever gig?
“1996 at the U-Club Wuppertal, Germany together with Gene Farris. Nervous as I was, I couldn't even place the needle to the starting point of the record. I wonder if it was good what I did that night.”

Fondest club experience?
“It's always best when you don't have to think about what you are doing and everything works by itself.”

Worst club experience?
“Obviously, when you think too much and nothing works out. I hate these days.”

Most mental event?
“I traveled 5300 miles to play a show in Dallas. I was waiting in the hotel lobby to get picked up but nobody showed up. In the end, I went home without any fee or a single word of the promoter. That was a pretty disappointing trip.”

Most significant club scene?
“It's hard to say but for sure every time I go to Japan. I have never seen such a professionalism anywhere else.”

Any era, anywhere?
“Now. I couldn't be more happy at the moment.”