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Leeds two-man posse peer into the past

First record you ever bought?
Bonar: “Prince 'Diamonds & Pearls'”
Tom: “Duran Duran 'A View To A Kill'”

First two tunes you tried to mix?
Bonar: “I used to try and mix things like Tori Amos 'Professional Widow' into the soundtrack from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. God knows what I was thinking!”
Tom: “I was probably trying to mix some classic house tracks which were fresh at the time... Helicopter 'On Your Way' comes to mind.”

First-ever gig?
Bonar: “Probably at my mate Kit's house for his birthday when I was about 15 or 16.”
Tom: “Benidorm!”

Fondest club experience?
Bonar: “Ahh! There are so many. I've been so lucky but any of the nights at Asylum at the Mint between 2003/2005. The closing party for We Love Space in 2010 was one I won't forget, too.”

Worst club experience?
Bonar: “I've had loads to be honest, but looking back at them now I can only laugh at them. It's all part of the ride in the end.”
Tom: “Nothing too dramatic but I recently had an argument with a bar tender in a club I played.”

Most mental event?
Bonar: “Getting a full police escort into a festival a few years ago because they thought we were some big band.”
Tom: “Agreed, that was nuts!”

Most significant club of all time?
Bonar: “The Loft or the Paradise Garage in NY... but I never went to either, so The Mint Club in Leeds.”
Tom: “All of the above, plus the Power Plant in Chicago, home of Ron Hardy.”

Any era, anywhere?
Bonar: “Right here and now!”
Tom: “Now, but would love to time travel back to the sixties and seventies for a short period.”