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Influences and early days!

First record you ever bought?
“Believe it or not, it was 'Just An Illusion' by Imagination on 7"! I'm not showing my age here, but I thought the guys on the cover just looked ridiculous!”

First two records you ever tried to mix?
“Actually, before I had my 1210s, I would practice scratching my mum’s Beach Boys album on the family turntable, which ended up getting broken! When I finally got my decks, I would practice Lil Mo Ying Yang 'Reach' and CJ Bolland 'Sugar Is Sweeter' every single day. I now can’t stand to listen to them!”

First-ever gig?
“Was when I was 16 and it was at a local club. My friend from school was the promoter and he asked if I fancied a set. I thought it would be dead. I was wrong and I train-wrecked every mix in front of my whole school. I said to myself I would never do this again. Even train-wrecked the mix I mentioned above!”

Fondest club experience?
“At my residency for the Sugarshack (Middlesbrough Empire) back in 1998. Watching and learning from some of the greats!”

Worst club experience?
“Celebrating my 18th birthday at some club in London. Can't remember the name of the place, but I remember a lot of throwing up! And also my first-ever gig above!”

Most significant club of all-time?
“Might have to be Circoloco at DC10 back in the day. The music and vibe was out of this world.”

Any era, any time?
“Would have to go back to the days of the Paradise Garage. I would love to have experienced some of the magic that started the birth of house music…”

Silky recently dropped us a podcast (listen & download below) and looks forward to the upcoming launch of his label Faceless Music alongside Climbers and Barber next month.