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Robbie Williams Dance LP

Robbie Williams Dance LP

Please, for the love of God, don't do it! Robbie Williams, that bloke from Take That, plans to release a 'dance' album.

First Madonna hired Jacques Lu Cont to produce her album, and now there's a rumour that ex-Take That member Robbie Williams plans to release a 'dance' album.

A 'source' has revealed to The Sun newspaper that Robbie has been working with a number of high-profile producers to produce his next album, which he wants to be dancey.

He's collaborated with William Orbit and The Pet Shop Boys and plans to release the album some time in August.

A 'source' told The Sun: "Rob's last album 'Intensive Care' was much more rocky with heavy guitar riffs.

"Some people around him felt it might not have appealed so much to his camp pop audience.

"So he decided to do a dance album.

"He wanted the album to have really upbeat songs like the ones Kylie had on 'Fever', such as 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'."