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Sasha Glassed

Sasha Glassed

Superstar DJ ends Newcastle set early after glass is thrown...

Clubbers at Digital in Newcastle were left fuming recently, after superstar Sasha ended his set early after a glass was thrown at the DJ booth.

Scott Bradford from Newcastle's long-running Shindig clubnight told DJmag: "We still don't know if it was deliberately aimed at Sasha or if it was just some drunken idiot chucking a glass over their shoulder.

"Luckily Sasha was not hit but the glass shattered on the DJ booth.

"Understandably he cut his set short two hours in."

Scott insisted that the glass-chucking incident was a one-off.

"In 15 years of running Shindig we have never had anything like this happen before.

"Everyone involved with the club is gutted, as are all of the regulars at the club.

"I do hope Sasha will not let one moron put him off coming to Newcastle to play at a club where he is loved and adored by all.

"I just hope people don't think we are all nutters up here."

It is doubtful whether a clubber disapproving of Sasha's set lobbed the glass – recently the house jock has been on superb form, and his secret London car park gig was one of the best things the capital has seen in a long time.