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Sasha Makes History

Sasha Makes History

Sasha will make history by being the first DJ to offer recordings of his club sets immediately after he's stopped spinning.

Sasha Makes History
British house jock Sasha will make history (again!), by being the first DJ to offer a live recording of his set in a club immediately after he's finished spinning.

The DJ has teamed up with Instant Live, a company that offers on-site concert recording, so that clubbers can instantly purchase a two-hour live recording of his set and leave Avalon, Hollywood, with a double CD in hand.

Sasha's entire set at his closing party at Fundacion in Los Angeles on Saturday 24 June 2006 will be recorded on site, and Instant Live will immediately burn thousands of CDs to sell there and then.

Sasha Instantly Live

"This is an amazing advancement in the use of technology," said Sasha. "It just blows me away and it is truly exciting that it's possible to do something like this."

Instant Live has never worked with a DJ before, only with bands who perform their own material on stage.

Of course Sasha's set will mainly be composed of other people's records, so to get around any copyright issues Sasha' entire record box has been pre-licensed, giving him the flexibility to play whatever he wants.

This is a groundbreaking concept, because in the past any live recordings of DJs' sets are illegal bootlegs that have been recorded by a radio listener or by a concert goer, and as such the artists can never be compensated.

"Bootlegs And Downloads"

Sasha said: "This culture, like it or not, was built on bootlegs and now downloads.

"Instant Live allows me to put my sets directly into the hands of the fans while supporting the music makers.

"With the artwork and packaging, it will be a great memento of the night.

"This music has always been about immediacy, it really is here and now."

Stephen Prendergast, Instant Live's general manager said: "We're honoured to work with Sasha.

"Not only is he one of the world's premier DJs, but he's an innovator who has taken the lead with this new concept."

Only 10,000 of the individually numbered double CDs will be pressed, and Sasha's fans will only be able to obtain the limited edition recordings at Avalon that night, or by pre-ordering them through or

Once again Sasha is on the frontline of dance music innovation, and is pushing things forward.