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Shangaan Electro at Blaze

Shangaan Electro at Blaze

Shangaan artists Nozinja and the Tshetsha Boys scheduled to peform at London's Blaze music celebration...

What do you get when electronic music meets traditional African styles? Shangaan Electro. Shangaan Electro started in Malamulele, South Africa, pioneering a sound unlike any. Its distinctive melody, created by replacing the traditional instrumental sounds from music of the Shangaan tribe with MIDI keyboard sounds and marimba beats, is rapidly attracting attent ion across the globe.

The music with breakneck, almost gabba-like speeds of 180bpm has inspired a super-fast footwork dance that is receiving just as much recognition as the innovative Shangaan beat.

“Shangaan dancers can go on for almost an hour with that speed,” says Nozinja, the mastermind producer behind Shangaan Electro.

Nozinja will be performing at Rich Mix on 25th June a part of 'Blaze', a celebration of the boldest music from across the globe in East London, alongside the clown-masked Tshetsha Boys, Tiyiselani, and Nkata Mawewe. The fastest Shangaan dancers around will also be performing.

The performance will be similar to an authentic Shangaan street party.

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