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Where UK house is at right now...

Like all good British partnerships, Silk 86 formed in the pub. Hailing from Nottingham and London respectively, Thomas L and Finnian Casey discussed their potential over a pint after seeing potential in their track 'Clear Waters', which, once they'd decided on a moniker, was picked up by Manucci's Mistress earlier this year. Since, they've released on 1 Trax and Andy Bird's Sneaky Music. Their next EP on Andre Crom's OFF Spin label ('Dem Curves') received props on Radio 1 from George Fitzgerald recently and a free EP is currently getting premiered.

Their ascent to the forefront of house music has been as smooth as their namesake. Inspired by “forgotten disco gems, unsung soul classics, sunrises and kick-drums”, Tom tells us, Silk 86 is envisioned as a vehicle for modern music with “more longevity than the stuff that races to the top of the Beatport/dance charts and is forgotten a week later”.

As a result they've opted for a deep, metallic approach to house. Their cuts are chunky too, densely layered with sub-bass and regularly topped off with cleverly selected vocal snippets. Rather than the formula though, it's the dexterity at work in the production that'll ensure Silk 86's music rises to prominence. Falling between the cracks of house, garage and techno, their meaty tools packed full of groove are trusted by DJs and for headphones alike.

The guys have got a sense of humour too. Our Janet Jackson bootleg getting on the Radio 1 Review Show was also pretty funny,” laughs Tom. “Edith Bowman liked it. Some c**t called it unoriginal… it’s a bootleg, pal!”

With gigs at the Pagoda Stage (Secret Garden Party), XOYO and The Nest in recent months, plus a slot at DJ Mag Sessions presents Solomun at Egg LDN on 26th September, Silk 86 are rapidly engraining themselves into British culture — just like the establishments they like to drink in. 

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