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Nina, Midland, Bicep & more!

There’s no denying that electronic music, in all its various guises, has been the one medium of artistic expression that has probably suffered most from the gluttonous side effects of the digital age in which we now live. 

Regular gripes often come from grizzly purists who don’t need a second invitation to remind millennials that things “ain’t half as a good as they were back in the day”, a time when the beautiful simplicity of a 12-inch piece of wax and the irresistible primitivism of a cassette mix tape reigned supreme. 

Today, we hoover up instantaneous downloads and binge on video plays instead. 

But whilst the landscape has invariably shifted over time, it’s impossible to deny that social media — save for the odd unsavory incident — has completely redefined the relationship between today’s artists and their public; now you can listen to a DJ at the click of a button whilst peering into their everyday lives. 

We’ve handpicked a selection of DJs who are not only technical masters of their craft behind the decks, but also deft-hands at capturing it all behind a camera lens. So, if you prefer an alternative glimpse into the finer details of life backstage and on the road, over and above filtered smug self-promotion, dig some of these names out on Instagram and get following…

Expect a steady trickle of beautiful vistas, atmospheric landscapes and the odd meteorite from the Spanish producer, who exhibits a cracking blend of club culture and travel tidbits from across the globe. 

MIDLAND @midlandsound
Midland’s penchant for regularly unearthing a bounty of hidden gems, set after set, mix after mix, clearly translates into his day to day photography; the guy manages to effortlessly capture subtle intricacies and unusual angles everywhere he goes, presenting these in a catalogue of moody frames, which chart everything from serene swimming pools to silent hotels. 

BONOBO @si_bonobo
You’d be forgiven for thinking Simon Green was a professional photographer — his photos are that good! Scrolling through his Instagram feed feels like you’ve just been invited to a private gallery viewing. Expect long shadows, winding freeways and plenty of spellbinding architecture. 

Daniel Avery makes a habit of showcasing our great capital in all its glory via a stream of pastel-laden panoramic shots taken far and wide, presenting a fresh perspective on life as a DJ through a lens of soft hues and gentle light patterns. Sterling stuff.

BICEP @feelmybicep
It’s safe to say the boys from Belfast mix aesthetic quality with gritty realism, churning out a delightful assortment of palm trees, vintage analog drum machines and Californian boulevards alongside cheeseburgers, booze and hefty dollops of eighties sleaze. Never ones to take life to seriously, BICEP show their feet are always grounded with a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek take on DJ life. 

It might sound corny but whether it’s her native Siberia, touring the Far East or train rides to Manchester, Nina Kraviz’s Instagram seems remarkably “normal” for a DJ of her stature. And whilst she’s become somewhat of an icon in recent years, she’s still got time to poignantly capture the finer details of DJ life in between the endless flights and airports.

Honourable mentions also go to: Dark Sky, Kate Simko, Jackmaster, The Black Madonna, Throwing Shade and Guy Gerber. 

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