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About +1 Pacha Ibiza residency

Whispers that Solomun would be launching a weekly residency at Pacha got the rumour mill turning earlier this year. Suggestions that the Diynamic boss had turned his back on the institution that made his name on the island – or was it the other way round? – certainly got gossip gushing. More surprising however was the news that he's been allowed to do both. Still, it only goes to show how in demand this guy actually is...

Are you excited about your Pacha residency?

“For me it's a real thrill as you can maybe imagine. It’s not a Neon Night. It’s not a label party. It’s my first own night on Ibiza, so I am super excited!”

How will Solomun +1 work?

“The concept is explained by the name: Solomun +1. And the main thing about Solomun+1 is only two artists take care of the night. The longer I play the bigger is my chance to create something special, a special atmosphere. And that’s why only me and one outstanding artist will play the whole night – and will end back to back. And besides that everybody knows the term '+1', if he’s a little experienced in partying and clubbing.”

When choosing an artist to play, what do you look for?

“I've only asked artists that I already know and appreciated for long time. And honestly, I would lie when I say that there wasn’t one or two artists I would like to invite as well for my night. But as you know there are a few other clubs on Ibiza and some of those artists were not available. But besides this I’m more than happy with my +1-artists!”

Which artists have booked?

“ÂME, Tiefschwarz, Marek Hemmann (LIVE), H.O.S.H., Nick Curly, DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, Tensnake (LIVE), Warung Beach Club, Heidi, Cassius, Dennis Ferrer.”

Why Pacha? Why is it special?

“It is never easy if you have to decide something important. And it is always a long process. And very important: you always have to listen to your gut feeling. What was pro-Pacha for me: I played there last year four gigs for Defected and they all were super intense.

“And from all the big clubs the main room at Pacha is the cosiest one, I think. And besides that the people from Pacha were cool from the beginning, gave me a good feeling without being pushy.”

So Neon Nights is returning to Sankeys!

“Yes, and that’s really great news! Neon Nights return to Sankeys, there gonna be some changes regarding the look and feel of the night. We try to bring the Neon Nights to the next level but the main thing is that the whole Diynamic family is gonna be every week. When me and my team were at Sankeys a few weeks a go there were working very hard to rebuild the new room 'The Box', which will also have a new sound system. I think everybody can be really excited.”

Who have you have lined up for a season there?

“Like I said, me and the the whole Diynamic family well be there, so: H.O.S.H., Stimming, David August, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Adriatique, Karmon, NTFO, Uner, DJ Phone, Hunter/Game and Ost & Kjex.”

What was the secret to the night's success last summer?

“Last year we were new on the island and Sankeys was quite new also. The Neon concept worked perfect with the location and… I don’t know… I guess time was on our side.”

Solomun +1 launched on Sunday 26th May and takes place every Sunday at Pacha. Âme, Dennis Ferrer, Miss Kittin, DJ Hell, Nicky Curly, Tiefschwarz, Tensnake, and Marek Hemmann are the first to be announced.