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Crosstown Rebels prepare third comp

Last week we told you that Crosstown Rebels were embarking on a world tour.

In light of this Crosstown Rebels are set to release their latest instalment in the 'Rebel Rave' series. 'Rebel Rave 3' mixed by Subb-an is due on Tuesday 19th March and marks the tenth anniversary of Crosstown Rebels.

The 'Rebel Rave' series usually draws to showcase the best selection of Crosstown producers of the reflective year. 'Rebel Rave 3' however will not only do this but also draw from the entire back catalogue in honour of the birthday celebrations on the decadent disc three.

Discs one and two will look back through 2012 at some of Crosstown's greatest highlights. After launching a new festival, Day Zero which allowed the raver to spend their last expected day on earth, before the clearly inevitable apocalypse on the 20th - 21st December 2012, with some of Crosstown Rebels finest artists.

'Rebel Rave 3' will allow you to appreciate some of the fresh faced talent that managed to make it through to 2013 such as Francesca Lombardo, Amirali, Fur Coat and Aidan Lavelle. You can also reconnect with some of the Crosstown classics Mathew Jonson, Jamie Jones, Tiga and Dinky.

Delivered by Subb-an, DJ Mag Best Breakthrough DJ 2011, the mix is flush and expected by the man who has remixed songs for some of commercial's most desired including Lana Del Rey and Jamie Woon which sets him to be one of Crosstown Rebels' most exciting for 2013. 

Words: David Sullivan