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Sugarbytes plug-ins are back!

Sugarbytes make the amazing Cyclops bass plug-in which is featured on many dancefloor fillers and is many a producer’s go-to soft synth for dynamic basslines. With this great heritage it's no surprise that their Turnado plug-in has won the hearts of many dance music producers. Turnado is a tasty multi-effect tool, designed especially for real-time audio manipulation. It’s a great performance tool as well as perfect for studio applications

It is pretty easy to use and doesn’t take a virtual degree to operate — unlike some other sound manipulation plug-ins we could mention. It combines unique and dynamic effects with the most intuitive and immediate control, which makes using it a doddle. Simply turn it on and get messing about.

The idea is to keep the sound mashing process as easy and instant as possible, and this is achieved by just using one knob. Turn it on by twisting the knob, tweak it further to adjust effect parameters and apply modulations, and to calm it back down simply turn the knob off to end the madness.

Loading up the effects is pretty straightforward. There are eight effects slots under each of the eight knobs: simply drag one of the 24 effects presets onto the slots, and away you go.

Turnado does a great job of adding extra dimension to your audio, and is a worthy tool for serious dance music creation as well as live performances. All sorts of glitching, cut-ups, slow-downs, delays and more are available to really take your sounds to the next level.

Turnado by Sugarbytes is avaliable HERE priced at £100