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Tensnake Interview

Tensnake Interview

Marco Niemerski is part of the new disco breed turning Germany's techno reputation on its head.

As Tensnake, his electronic funk emissions, in the form of remixes for Foals and Junior Boys, and the classic EP 'Keep Believin'' on Endless Flight, have been getting a lot of attention. We decided to link up with the Hamburg dwelling cat to learn a little more…

First of all, why the name Tensnake?

"That's a good question. Actually I really don't know what it means. It doesn't even make sense, does it? Maybe you should make a contest. Who sends in the best explanation can keep the name, Ill get a new one!"

While many German producers are focusing on techno and deep house at the moment, you've got your own disco thing going on - has it always been a passion? Who are some of your biggest disco heroes?

"Yes. It started pretty early, I think I was 12 or something. My older brother was moving and he wasn't in the mood to carry all the record crates. So he gave them to me. Lots of crates filled with Salsoul, Solar, West End and Ramshorn stuff. Looking back I have to say that my passion for disco and boogie is a result of my brother's laziness. Heroes, hmm, I don't really have a single disco hero, there were so many good productions. Remix-wise I could definitely say that Larry Levan is one of my heroes."

Many people know you for your remixes of Junior Boys and Foals but your new 'Keep Believin'' EP seems to be getting a lot of attention. Where did the inspiration come from for these tracks?

"I started the production when I came back from a trip to Portugal. Two Weeks just hanging out, focused on doing nothing. I was listening to a lot of Ryuichi Sakamoto stuff and was impressed by the timeless, but also visionary sound. That was definitely an inspiration. I really like songs and productions which are not attached to a certain fashion or time, songs you will listen to in 20 years and which never sound old.

Are you working on an album at the moment, and what other projects have you got on the go?

"Yes, I am working on an album at the moment. Hope it's gonna be finished by the end of this year, but as I mentioned before – laziness is running in the family, so I am not in a hurry! It will feature some coups with international artists, but can't say much about it until it's finished. "I'm also producing some songs on the new Sally Shapiro album, which will come out next year. That's by the way something I would like to expand: producing other artists and bands. And last not least there will be new releases on my co-owned label called Mirau. Starting with a 12" by the German disco daddy Erobique in September."

What's next for Tensnake?

"There will be a 12" on a German label called Running Back Records coming out in autumn and for now the swimming pool is waiting. The summer was really crappy so far, and the sun is shining today!"