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Tiësto Concert Death

Tiësto Concert Death

A clubber died of a drug overdose during DJ Tiësto's recent high-profile concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

DJ Tiësto's recent tour of Indonesia was struck by tragedy after a clubber died of a drug overdose at his concert in the capital city Jakarta.

The young man, who has not been named due to his family's wishes, died on 22nd April 2006 after apparently taking six ecstasy pills.

At first, the organisers of Tiësto's Indonesia tour refused to comment on the death because they claimed his family did not want any publicity.

"We contacted the family directly and expressed our deepest condolences," said James Sullivan, the British promoter behind the tour.

"They pleaded with us not to publicise details of his death because they didn't want to bring shame on the family – in Indonesia a drug death is an embarrassment."

Internet Rumours

Rumours circulating Internet clubbing messageboards suggested that the organisers were trying to cover up the incident, so Sullivan agreed to speak exclusively to DJmag.com.

"We went to the police, and they confirmed what happened," said Sullivan.

"The boy collapsed in the venue, an ambulance was called, he was taken outside, but he died in the car park.

Tiesto Indonesia Death
Tiesto Indonesia Death

Despite the harsh drug penalties of Indonesia, drugs are still widespread

Tiesto Indonesia Death
James Sullivan, promoter
Tiesto Indonesia Death
"The rumours have started to get out of hand, some were complete fabrication, and even suggested that three or four clubbers had died."

About 28,000 people attended the concert in Jakarta's Ancol district, the largest ever dance event in Indonesian history.

It was arranged to coincide with the launch of Tiësto's 'In Search of Sunrise 5' mix compilation, and for it the country's biggest ever soundsystem was
constructed capable of delivering a
ground-shaking 250,000 watts.


The drug death was not the only setback during Tiësto's Indonesian tour.

His previous night's gig at Jogyakarta had to be cancelled due to a torrential downpour and local permit problems.

"There was huge hype surrounding the Tiësto tour," revealed Sullivan.

Tiesto Indonesia Death

Tiesto Indonesia Death
"For five years promoters here have been trying to get him to come over, and as a result there was a lot of jealousy when we secured him, which might explain the rumours on the Internet."

In Indonesia, anyone caught with drugs faces the death penalty, but Sullivan believes this latest death will not affect the authorities stance on club events.

He said: "Despite the harsh drug penalties of Indonesia, drugs are still widespread.

"This isn't the first time that a clubber had died of an overdose in this country, and club events here are sponsored by major cigarette or alcohol companies, so the authorities don't like to interfere that much."

Abolish The Death Penalty

Amnesty International has lobbied the Indonesian government to abolish the death penalty, arguing that there is no scientific evidence that shows that the death penalty in Indonesia deters drug-trafficking more effectively than other punishments would.

Tiësto's 'In Search of Sunrise 5' tour touches down in the UK on 16th and 17th June at London's Brixton Academy, although tickets for the Friday gig have already sold out.