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Time and Space Festival

Time and Space Festival

Mexico warms up for the end of the world

In an era where unlikely rave settings have become increasingly ubiquitous, making an impression has never proved more difficult. From fortresses in Serbia to abandoned power stations in Berlin, clubbers around the world have become increasingly accustomed to unique destinations and boutique festivals. Yet in spite of all this widespread competition, Mexico’s inaugural Time and Space Festival is still worthy of note. For not only is it set against a stunning backdrop of pristine coastlines and turquoise blue waters, but it also offers peerless, spellbinding views of the renowned Pyramid of Tulum in the distance. 

Yet it’s not simply the enviable setting that earmarks Time and Space out as a festival of distinction. Indeed, it’s also a party that’s been marketed like no other before it, as it’s been formatted to celebrate (and coincide with) the impending “apocalypse” on the 21st December. Those of you well versed in astronomy are sure to already be aware of the date, for it’s one when The Mayans (‘the most advanced astronomers from ancient times’ no less) predicted we’ll reach the end of a 26,000 year cycle that – to be blunt – will signal in the end of the world.

And if the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today? Well, if you follow our way of thinking (and that of the promoters in question), you’d want to go raving, right? Right. Which is precisely why Time and Space have secured a pretty enviable line-up to compliment the setting and ensure its patrons bow out with more than a whimper. A shrewd combination of international acts a la Guy J, Blond:Ish, Paul Ritch, Ambivalent, Ellen Allien, Troy Pierce and more will line up alongside some of Mexico’s finest DJs, not least Louie Fresco, La Royale, Vazik and Marco Almanza. With a multitude of talent and genres on offer, the line-up is one that’s fittingly monumental for a party promoted on such a magnitude. Kicking off the day before the apocalypse and running straight through until the 22nd December (disaster evasion permitting), Time and Space is evidently the place to be for those of you seeking a heady departure to a world that’s served us well.


Friday 21st December

Secret forest location, Mexico City


A. Balter & E. Reiter - Ace Ventura - Ambivalent – Avalon – Benji Vaughan -Blond:ish – Dickster – Dousk – Eitan Reiter – Ellen Allien - Gnomes of Kush - Green Nuns of the Revolution – Guy J – Hallucinogen - Henry Saiz - Karotte – Killerwatts – Loud – Mad Maxx - Manuel Sofía aka MOS - Marc Marzenit – Matador – Minilogue – Opiuo – Paul Ritch – Perfect Stranger – Prometheus – Robin Triskele - Shpongle - Son Kite – Sun:monx – Tristan – Troy Pierce – Wehbba – Younger Brother – Zen Mechanics – Zentura

Alan Frost – Alex Novoa – Andre VII - Andy Martin - Arturo Maia – Austero - Beat n' Tonic – Bienmesabe - Blue Lunar Monkey – Bufi - Caballero - Carlos Belatti – Cristian Herrera - D-Tek – Daniel Dela - David Durst – Dende - Eduardo Rossell (Cromo 7) – Flavio Navarro - German Wagener – Helice – ISP - Jaen Paniagua - Jorge Azpeitia - Jossie Telch – Kachok - Karla Kox – La Royale - Louie Fresco – Luis Flores – Lukas - M-Kamikaze - Marco Almanza - Messie - Montenegro – Navarro - Niko Glenn – Odiseo vs Gandulk – Ojos & Mariana – Pepe Wash & Kals - Scream of Science – Shine vs Cool - Sordo y Balcazar - The Malibu - Tor.ma in Dub – Vazik –Xerpent - 2UP

Special Guests: Alex & Allyson Grey (Live Painting)


Words: Stephen Flynn