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Top 100 Awards Party

Top 100 Awards Party

The votes are in, now it's time for the serious business of the awards party. This year it's at Fabric in London.

Voting has closed, the analysis is complete and the results are under lock and key!

Now it's time to celebrate - with the biggest party of the year.

It's been an amazing year for DJmag's Top 100 DJs poll, which pulled in an incredible 217,102 votes.

That's 93,000 more than last year.

PvD will be playing at Fabric for the first time at our party
More than 50,000 different DJs were voted for from around the globe.

Now it's time for the main event – the poll winners' party on Wednesday 25th October at Fabric, London.

That's when this year's Top 100 DJs will be revealed for the very first time.

And there's a star studded DJ line-up of winners and guests to provide the ultimate soundclash.

Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Sander van Doorn, Flash Brothers, Ricky Stone will all appear on the night.

Plus there'll be sets from the 'Top' house, drum & bass, trance, and breaks DJs, plus the Highest New Climber and Highest New Entry.

Entrance to the Top 100 party at Fabric is just a fiver!

Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks
Are you going?

Ibiza Rocks
And with the legendary after-party sorted (for the hardcore ravers), you're best advised to take the following day off work.

All proceeds will go to charity, and of course everyone is welcome.

The DJmag Top 100 Winners Party

£5 entry, all proceeds go to charity

Line Up

Armin van Buuren
Paul van Dyk
Sander van Doorn
Flash Brothers
Ricky Stone

Plus: Sets from the 'Top' house, drum & bass, trance, breaks DJs and the Highest Climber and Highest New Entry.

Top 100 Awards Party