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iPad Ableton controller

DJ Mag was pretty impressed with Zerodebug’s original Ableton Live Controller app for the iPad so when we found out that the guys over in Berlin had improved the original app with touchAble 2 we were simple chomping at the bit to get the lowdown on the completely redesigned updated version.

touchAble 2 is a more performance friendly version of the original with improved stability and a host of new and improved features offering high level touch screen control when using it with Ableton Live. There are way to many new features to mention here but jump over to the touchable website to get the full run down on this rather feature rich app.

One of the great things about touchAble 2 is that even if you’re not a techno geek (like us) it is still user friendly and easy to use. However, touchAble 2 can be customised to your hearts content if you’ve got the street smarts to delve deep into programming the app to get it to work exactly how you want it to. If you do feel like getting your hands dirty and programming the app for yourself Zerodebug have created a handy video tutorial with around about an hours worth of material to help you in your quest.

touchAble 2 is available as a free update to all current users (a rather sweet touch) and can be used on all generations of Apple’s iPad.

Check out the video below to see how the touchAble 2 app hooked up to your Ableton Live rig can really add a new level of performance to your gigs and recording sessions.