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Native Instruments' popular X1 controller gets an upgrade

Native Instruments seem to be kicking out a new bit of kit almost every other month and their latest foray is the new version of their ever popular X1 controller. The Kontorl X1 MK 2 is packed with more features than its predecessor including touch-sensitive Browse and Loop encoders, 7-segment displays and LEDs for visual feedback and an innovative multi-purpose touch strip for added tactile control.

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2 allows direct control over playback, browse, cue, sync and loop functionals of Native's Traktor software, and now includes a button for dedicated Flux mode access. This allows fast and fluid cue point juggling and effects looping without the worry of losing phase or sync during performance. Quality RGB back- lit buttons, LED, and 7-segment displays provide precise visual feedback even in the darkest conditions. The effects section features 8 high-resolution potentiometers with buttons to match, and allows simultaneous control of all parameters on two (three in chained mode) TRAKTOR effects units.  

TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK is available now from priced £199