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Unite for Red Dot Relief!

Unite for Red Dot Relief!

Dance music community rebuilds Japan together

Red Dot Relief, teamed with the Japanese NGO Peace Boat, is a call to action across the dance music community to raise money and spread awareness for the disaster-stricken regions of Japan recently devastated by earthquakes and the subsequent tsunami.  

The organization is run by Tuning Spork Efforts Team, as well as other members of the dance music world, including Visionquest, Crosstown Rebels, Deniz Kurtel, Soul Cl ap and Fabric.  Everybody, not just the dance community, can be a part of the effort by following and donating what they can to the disaster fund.

DJs from all over the world have said for years that Japan is one of their favourite destinations because the Japanese have shown an undying love and support for dance music.  Now it is time to give back.

Spearheaded by techno DJ and producer Jay Haze (of Tuning Spork), himself no stranger to charity work, having run projects like DJs4DC - a relief aid fund for the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo - Red Dot Relief and Peace Boat, a non governmental, Japan-based organization that promotes peace and human rights, have come together to rouse the apathetic and encourage the wider dance community to get involved and do their bit to help.

“Every human being on this planet is born with an innate ability to help other people in some way," says Jay Haze. "The trick lies in practice.  It’s usually easier and more rewarding than you might have expected.  The world is full of people in need. Get out there! Ask questions! Find a problem you can help with.  This is not the time for alienating yourself... We all know the future is about connectivity and we all have something to learn from one another. IT’S TIME TO CONNECT!” 

Direct Donation via Peaceboat: Donate directly here 

(state on purpose - ‘Tohoku Kanto Earthquake-Music’)

For more information on how to help click here.