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Vinyl to iPod in less clicks

Vinyl to iPod in less clicks

Numark's new TTi Turntable with universal dock for iPod

Ripping and recording gets that bit easier with Numarks latest lazy boy turntable. The TTi makes sure you waste no time getting vinyl onto your iPod with the built in iPod dock. The USB deck also connects directly to a computer and comes with a copy of Audacity recording software to help smooth over the process.

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Record directly to iPod video

(5th gen) and iPod nano (2nd gen)

Record directly to your computer via USB

Works with all docking iPod models when used through iTunes

33 and 45 RPM belt-drive turntable (Recording 78

RPM records requires using bundled software)

Line-level RCA outputs (built-in phono preamp)

EZ Vinyl Converter software (PC) and EZ Audio

Converter (Mac) for hassle-free recording

Audacity recording (PC and Mac) software

included to reduce vinyl noise and pops

Easy to set up - No special drivers needed