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D'Julz tells us about his first gig

“Up until 1992, I was just a bedroom DJ, having collected house and techno for three years while trying to make decent mixtapes. One day my friend Guillaume La Tortue, who was one of the French rave scene’s most respected DJs at the time, asked me to play a boat party he was organizing.

The boat was packed, which should have made any DJ very happy, except their heavy dancing was causing the turntables to jump pretty much every time two records were getting in the mix, causing gigantic train-wrecks!

At one point I was so frustrated I was tempted to play deeper tracks just so they would stop jumping, and I could at least do one correct mix! At the end of the set I was very ashamed of my catastrophic mixing and convinced I had blown my chances.

But my friend told me I had rocked the boat (literally!) and asked me to become a resident!”

D’Julz’s ‘Da Madness’ is out July on Bass Culture Records.