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Showtek give us the lowdown on their first gig...

“We can remember our first gig that we did as a duo very well! We were just 17 and 18-years-old when we first played together. After the release of one of our first tracks that became successful in the charts, 'Save the Day', we got more and more bookings throughout the country all of a sudden. The first gig was on a Saturday night at a very sketchy, small club somewhere in the south of The Netherlands. It is called The Pilot, and still exists actually.

“We prepared a 30-minute live set and used an old Akai sampler, some synths and a MIDI disk. We had to play for 500 people. Although we had prepared a complete set, we were so nervous and anxious that things would go wrong that we decided to come up with a back-up plan. So that when things would go wrong we would not look like fools in front of the crowd. We had brought one of our friends and hid him backstage with a CD, so that if we screwed the set up he would play the CD — and nobody would notice! Fortunately for us everything went well and things have been amazing ever since. But it took our friends a while before they took our DJing seriously. When we told them that we would quit school to focus on our DJ career, they made fun of us for weeks. When we have a gig now, our friends are in front of the DJ booth partying instead of waiting backstage for us to do something wrong.”