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This month's vital label

Who's behind it?

DJ and producer Semtek, aka Benjamin Roth Lehmann, began the label in 2010 to release his own productions, but quickly broadened the scope to include other artists. Sam Muir has been in charge of the artwork since day one, and all mastering goes through Lupo, formerly of Berlin's D&M, now of Calyx.

Sounds like?

Classic house and techno sounds which look backward to look forward, and vice versa. “There's no political agenda to the label,” says Semtek. “It’s there for everyone who wants to enjoy it.” Most successful tracks to date include Mr. Beatnick's ‘Synthetes’ off his debut EP, and Semtek's own ‘Goons’, off the 'Pizza EP'.

Who's on it?

Mr. Beatnick, Photonz, Alis — the pseudonym of former dubstep high priestess Subeena — Detroit's Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN, Semtek, and Claws For?.

Who’s playing it?

“Support for recent titles has come from Deetron, Midland, Ame and even Skream,” beams Semtek. “Move D has been known to drop ‘Goons’ in his sets, too.” We can add that ‘Synthetes’ was also truly ubiquitous, with everyone from Actress to Sinden to Paul Woolford employing it.

What’s next?

Aside from new releases by MGUN and Mr. Beatnick, a new sub-label called DBA Special Editions and new releases on the DBA Dubs 10" imprint are imminent.