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This month's essential label

Who's behind it?
German techno DJ/producer Oliver Huntemann's label is Ideal Audio. Over to Oliver to take up the story. 
“The label’s first release was in 2008. My business partner Jan Langer and I wanted to start afresh, since we thought that Confused Recordings had already proved its place in electronic music history with its many great releases. Also, quite naturally our music tastes were changing, so this seemed liked the logical step forward — to set up a new platform where we could present our new sound and ideas.

That is why we have had quite a mixture of artists release on the label so far. On the one hand, there are the experienced artists, Dubfire, myself and Extrawelt, and on the other hand, for example, we have invested a lot in fresh acts such as dubspeeka, Remain, Electric Rescue and The Glitz. 

Sounds like?
“I find it hard to put the label under a certain umbrella. Our artists are from various countries, backgrounds and experiences, so it is not easy to say what our label sounds like. Certain media have described us as “dark, hypnotic and powerful“, but that does not mean that we follow the same bassline with each and every release. We like to experiment!”

Who's currently on it?
“Beside my own productions and my collaboration with Dubfire, so far we have had releases and remixes by André Winter, Pan-Pot, Andreas Henneberg, dubspeeka, Marc Houle, Gaiser and many others. We have recently signed Joran van Pol — a very young and talented Dutch artist. Soel & Jonni Darkko, who make an interesting and quite international duo, and also Rob Hes, who brings his Bedrock experience onboard. All in all, we are really looking forward to the next few months. More great music is about to hit the dancefloors!”

Who's playing it?
“Whoever has a good ear for music!”

What's next?
“Our '5ünf' compilation is out now on CD and in digital format. It is a celebration of five years of Ideal Audio. This double CD compilation includes brand-new exclusive material alongside the most memorable classics from the label. You should definitely check it out, because it really does take you on a musical journey.”