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Fresh vinyl-only techno imprint

Who's behind it?
Nixwax was started in the summer of 2011 by three friends, Rob Amboule, Alec Function and Hunter Giles, who have been making music together since they were nippers. Looking at all the unreleased music they'd unearthed, they decided they'd make a go of running a label.

Sounds like?
House and techno, tinged with a bit of disco. “After the big bass epiphany, we had found a lot of music that sounded like house albeit with more low-end, influenced by the melting pot that is the British club scene,” says Alec.

Who's on it?
They have five artists to date: OJsmooth, Kris Le Vay, Behr, Joonipah and Nisse Nilson.
All of their releases have been debuts, something that the label prides itself on. “There are a few surprises in the upcoming release schedule, but clearly we can't give away all their secrets just yet,” he adds.

Who's playing it?
Being a vinyl-only imprint so far, it's difficult to keep tabs on who exactly is buying their records, though with stock rapidly running down at all outlets, it's clear they are. However, their inbox is not short of compliments from big name DJs such as Heidi, Huxley and Mosca to underground poster boys like South London Ordnance.

What's next?
Not only do they have a new release, their sixth ('NIX006'), coming out on 18th February (the 'All The Memories EP' by Nisse Nilson), they're also throwing a big party to celebrate it at Plan B in Brixton, London on 1st February.