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Septembers most vital label

Who’s behind it?
Jack Dixon, Adam Butters and Sonny Baker, who “met auditioning for a Simply Red tribute act in 1993,” says Dixon, perhaps embellishing their history slightly. “20 years later, plans for a record label were hatched over Polish lager and card games at the highly acclaimed East London golf club ‘The Cave.’ In less than a year, White Asega has flourished into an extremely successful media network with offices in four different countries, employing [nearly] 300 people. They operate a squad rotation system akin to that of all the top European football teams.”

Sounds like?
“We tend to like it tough and weird. Definitely nothing polite.”

Who’s currently on it?
They’ve worked with Hound Scales, Low Concept (Physical Therapy & Renaissance Man), Jack Dixon, Forward Strategy Group, Alex Coulton and Skudge. 

Who’s playing it?
“Props have been coming from Surgeon, Jonas Kopp, Randomer, Sinden, Ben Sims, Appleblim, Terry Francis, Peverelist and Boy George (check out the profound comment he left on the WA001 SoundCloud stream).” 

What’s next?
“A split EP from Kodiak and Jack Dixon, remixes from Bambounou and Troy Gunner, a record from Capracara, two new Beatles albums via Snapchat and a compilation: ‘Now That’s What I Call Trondy 54.’ We’ll probably tweet in the next few weeks too, for all the cybersurfers out there.”