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VJ Focus: Brainwash Mix

VJ Focus: Brainwash Mix

VJ duo Brainwash are this month's pick for VJ stardom, and they've created an exclusive VJ mix for DJmag. Watch it here!


Brainwash VJ mix

Miami-based VJ duo Brainwash are this month's pick for VJ stardom, and the first VJ crew to have produced an exclusive mix for DJmag.

You can catch their exclusive one hour VJ mix on DJmag's page at Samurai.fm (just click the link above right).

"The mix was created using two laptops, a video mixer, and our graciously donated Alienware," says Juan from Brainwash.

"We also used various applications like Maya, Jitter, and After Effects, which are all really cool!"

To accompany the mix, the VJ duo also created a DJ mix.

"The music was mixed live along with the visual mix," says Juan.

"It's comprised of some well known songs, a few last minute bootlegs, and a bit of homebrew sound design."

Brainwash are currently working on a DVD album at the moment which includes some of their own original music, as well as collaborations with some guest artists.

They're also seemingly a little bit mad (which can't be a bad thing for club visualists).

When DJmag.com asked Brainwash what they thought the future of VJing was they said: "The past is history, the future is a mystery, but one thing is for sure. Brainwash are here to stay." Right.