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Get Physical's latest prize signing!

And now… Wankelmut! No sniggering at the back there! Wankelmut is the name that new German DJ/producer Jacob Dilssner has adopted for his productions, and DJ Mag is trying hard to suppress laughter when first quizzing Wankelmut about his, err, handy moniker.

In the first place I picked the name because I like the sound and meaning in German,” Jacob tells us when we greet the young chap.

“And in another way, it kind of describes the way I play and create music — sometimes moody, and always varied.”

So busy are we trying not to chortle in a schoolboy way at his name that we forget to ask what Wankelmut translates to in English, but one look at an online German-English dictionary later suggests that it refers to ‘changeableness, fickleness’. All very well, but — how do we put this? — is he aware of what his name sounds like in English? “Yeah, I know ‘wank’ means ‘masturbation’ in English, so I can imagine my name sounding funny to you,” he deadpans.

“I never thought about that at the time that I picked the name — hopefully the people will place the music over my artist name.”

Oh yes, absolutely, we’re not going to focus on Wankelmut’s name any longer. For not one more minute will we dwell on Wankelmut’s mirthful moniker, because his music is just too good. It definitely isn’t a pile of wank.

Wankelmut apparently only started DJing and producing a couple of years ago while a student, and was as surprised as anyone when his folktronic remix of Asaf Avidan & The Mojos’ 'One Day/Reckoning Song' became a huge hit in Germany and other parts of Europe. “Until then, I really didn't think of music as a very likely way to make a living — but nonetheless it was always a dream I had,” he tells DJ Mag. “I'm pretty thankful for what happened this year — and I love doing it!

Sometimes, especially after gigs, it feels a little bit like I imagine it would be like to be a popstar,” the Berliner admits on his sudden rise to popularity. “But I lead a more or less regular life and I don't get recognized at the supermarket. Although my life has gained a lot of pace and excitement, my social life has stayed the same.”

This surprise hit has seen Jacob snapped up by Get Physical, the label run by cool cats DJ T, Booka Shade and M.A.N.D.Y, and he’s just released the ‘Wankelmoods’ compilation. Nope, we’re saying nothing again, apart from the fact that it’s a well put-together blend of tech and electro-disco that’s perfect for jackin’ the beanstalk to and doesn’t sound like he’s just tossed it off, willy-nilly.

“It's fantastic to be involved with Get Physical,” says Jacob, “I love their music and it's an honour to be involved with the label.”

There’ll be a new Wankelmut single out early this year with a big remix package, and Jacob comes to a happy finish with some nice words for DJ Mag readers: “Hope to see you soon somewhere in England — a lot of the DJs and acts I’ve met along the way told me that you guys really know how to party!”