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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

We get the fashion lowdown from Tony Vegas...

What are wearing right now?

Right now I'm wearing a pair of knee length Recon denim shorts and nothing else.

What are favourite designers/labels?

Maharishi would be my favourite. Supreme are always cool if you can get any of their wears, but when it comes to shoes it's always Adidas and Nike with the occasional Bapestar thrown in for good measure.

How do you shop?

Anyway possible!

Favourite stores/boutiques?

Flightclub NYC is always good for shoes, Maharishi stores in both Covent Garden and Soho. Hideout, (Upper James Street, London) is also always worth a look.

Favourite sneakers?

Air Force One Mids, they're a collab with Stash where we did a soundtrack for the shoe. My low Supreme dunks and the sample of the first t-shirt that we did with Maharishi, you can see a pattern emerging here!!!

Style icon?

I don't have one! OK I lied. Style icons have to be Jeff Metal and Shaun from Fabric.

What are you up to?

Currently we are DJing relentlessly, but are looking forward to our single 'Stand By' being released on 26th of February (on Supercharged) and also excited by our forthcoming 'Watch The Ride' compilation on Harmless, concentrating on the music for real this year. Watch every space!!!!!!!