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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Pete Martin and Tim Healy tell us about the Coburn style...

What are you wearing right now?

Pete: I am actually naked right now. Tim: A gold velour vintage 1980 YSL tracksuit, white jujitsu shoes and Chanel shades.

Favourite designers?

Pete: I don't really have one favourite as I pick stuff up from everywhere. But for suits I like Prada because they just happen to be the perfect cut on me, being a skinny runt. For shirts I like Nicole Farhi. This all suggests that I spend much more on clothes than I actually do.

Tim: Red Nutha in Brighton constantly amuses me with their super-stylish re-cycled punk/new rave look. They sell clothes to everyone from the likes of me to Madonna, and Alice Cooper bought a load of their stuff just the other day.

How do you shop? Online etc?

Pete: I have to try them on, so online doesn't work for me, apart from t-shirts.

Tim: Physical shops and designers workshops – I often get my clothes customised. I am a very weird scrawny shape. I was once asked if I could model some clothes, I was delighted until the talent scout said "You're exactly what we're looking for, thin and wasted, you'll suit the junky shoot"!

Favourite boutique or store?

Pete: Dover Street Market has 3 floors of young designers from all over the world, some straight out of fashion school. It's really cool.

Tim: Gresham Blacke, Brighton. Every man should get a bespoke tailored suit at least once.

Most treasured item and why?

Pete: My 1982 Adidas vest – it looks like something straight out of 'The Warriors'. Last worn to a dodgy tracksuits fancy dress party.

Tim: My recently purchased silver/grey fedora. Slightly taller than a trilby with hints of the 1940s.

What are you up to?

Pete: Apart from the small matter getting married in 2 weeks (to my girlfriend not to Tim), we've been busy promoting our album 'Coburn', which is out on Great Stuff. We've been constantly touring around the world, and in the studio remixing. We're now having a few weeks off before recording the next Coburn EP.

Tim: Enjoying the festival season and the odd bit of British sunshine.