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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

3 Face tells it like it is and brings on the fashion tips.

What are you wearing right now?

"My birthday suit 'n my chain as I'm about to get in the bath! After my bath tho' I'll prob don some retro shit, blue denim jeans, fresh white sneakers, my 'av it' tee and my black leather jacket cos it is cold today!"

Who are your favourite designers / labels and why?

"Don't really have a particular fav, I'm always in the sale section - unusual one away t.shirts with matching/coordinating trainers - other than the kicks I like to keep my look anti ghetto. For jeans it's gotta be PRPS and TSUBI. For suits it's Armani every time - luv the cut."

Favourite shops/boutiques/stores?

"I'll prob get grief for saying this but Bluewater - cos you have everything in one place - plus it's not in my area so I a) don't have to bump into anyone I know and b) it's a day trip so I can get away from my usual routine. Also I have a soft spot for TK Maxx. And I like the smaller shops on the Kings Road to get bits n pieces - tees, tops etc. For kicks/sneakers it's Size in Ladbroke Grove and Global Sports in Shepherds Bush."

How do you shop? Online, often etc?

"I have never shopped online - strictly real world for me. I am an impulse shopper - once a week I'll go crazy - tho I'm always buying new tops, trainers n bits and pieces on impulse."

What do you want for Christmas?

"A hit record - oh and my driving license back."

Most treasured item and why?

"My cream DKNY blazer, it has brought me a lot of luck."

What you up to? Future projects etc…

"2008 is going to be a big year for me as I have my debut mainstream single 'Different World' out on a vinyl/digital combo, that's dropping on 14th Jan - so go cop that!! Also shooting 2 videos at the moment for my EP which should be dropping in March 08 - one of the vids includes a London wide shoot that's got me kitted out in clothing from a load of up n coming London based designers. Plus I got an animated video for another track 'Skipping Work' in production - that tune is all about the repercussions of raving too hard - which all the DJ Mag readers should know all about!!"