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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Richard Murray likes to mix and match...

What are you wearing right now?

"I'm sporting a pair of dark wash twisted engineered Levi's, a rare original World Cup 82 Admiral England football shirt which I paid a small fortune for on eBay, a pair of plain metallic silver Nikes, and as its freezing today a silvery black and white scarf from Reiss."

Who are your favourite designers / labels?

"I don't have a favourite really, I like to mix and match - vintage with high street with designer stuff, and I'm generally in jeans and tshirt all year round. I do have a cracking leather jacket though from Emporio Armani which I love and is hardly off my back at the moment."

Favourite store / boutique?

"Selfridges is pretty much an easy win, I tend to be a real lazy shopper so everything under one roof is a bonus, as long as it's not a drawn out affair. I also quite like urban outfitters for their vintage and old school style T's."

How do you like to shop?

"I only really go shopping when I want something in particular, it's only sneakers that I actively hunt out regularly. And if I know what I want I'll happily sort it online... I'm not one for browsing aimlessly, although if something grabs my attention while I'm out and about, it does no harm to investigate further."

What are your favourite sunglasses?

"I'm not the best when it comes to sunnies, I'll buy expensive ones, then either lose or break them well before the end of the summer. Anyway I'm doing OK at the mo, I have a pair of Diesel Aviators still working and in my possession from last spring."

Most treasured item?

"I recently bought a cracking Paul Smith printed hold-all for tour gigs and I love it. However, CDs and laptop come with me as hand luggage, so this little beaut ends up in the hold. And I end up just watching the luggage conveyor belt going round for what seems like hours, until it finally appears. Touch wood It hasn't gone missing yet."

What are you up to?

"Housexy are hosting the Bar at Ministry on Easter Saturday with Erick Morillo / Subliminal Sessions smashing up the box, so can't wait for that one. Also I've just finished a remix of Lil' DVS's track 'Wonder Why' on Gung Ho! which should be about soon, as will 'S_P_A_C_E' [produced with Paul Deighton and signed to SUESSE], so look out for those."