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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Ibiza favourite Jonathan Ulysesses takes us step by step through his style tips.

What are you wearing right now?

"Right now I am wearing, dark navy Evissu jeans with a gold tiger print embroidered into the back pocket and an orange Paul Smith top and belt and a pair of Jordan Air trainers."

Favourite designers / labels?

"Evissu because they do cool clothes with a street cred edge to them, Maharishi because they are lightweight, easy for me to take to gigs abroad and they look good, Ed Hardy - because of his outrageous, flamboyant, t-shirts."

Favourite stores / boutiques?

"My favourite stores are Harrods and Selfridges because all the good labels are under one roof, Hugo Boss and Armani for suits, Paul Smith for classic English design but always with that modern edge. Also Cologne and Berlin are great places to go shopping."

How do you like to shop?

"I like the hands on approach when it comes to shopping, touch 'em, feel 'em, try 'em on, pose in that mirror! It's the traditional way of shopping for me. If you shop online you don't really know what you're getting until it turns up on the doorstep and it's two sizes too small."

Best place to buy clothes in Ibiza?

"The best places to shop in Ibiza are Calle de Virgin in Ibiza Town - they have one-off quirky street cool items and also the Stussy shop in San Antonio for baseball caps, t-shirts, jeans."

Most treasured item?

"My most treasured item is a 1989 manky old scuba diving pink t-shirt with a picture of a frog from Corfu. It's got holes in now, but for me it represents the first time I went scuba diving in Corfu and it was great; it was actually quite a cool t-shirt when it was new! Apart from that, my most treasured items are my Armani suits."

What are you up to?

"This month the 10th edition of 'In Bed With Space' comes out, which I've compiled and mixed. I'm also mixing and compiling 'The Ibiza Opening Party' compilation coming out on Big In Ibiza. I'm playing the Space World Tour night at Area on June 7th and the Ice Factory in Perth on the 14th, plus of course you can catch me at Space on ????!!!!