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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Fergie takes us through his style tips and fashion needs and musts.

What are you wearing right now?

"As the quality and variety of fashion available in the high street stores has greatly improved I find myself in H&M quite a lot. I'm wearing a pair of H&M jeans, a pair of Silver Style Lab Diesel boots and a white H&M T-shirt, and a Vivienne Westwood hooded top."

Favourite designers / labels?

"John Galiano, I just buy his T-shirts as I like the style he brings to a casual T-shirt. I'm quite lucky in that I love Buddistpunk and also my friend owns it so I get to go and get some of their early samples etc. I'm into Tsubi jeans. I was a bit cautious when I first tried them on as they can be quite tight but after a few wears they sort themselves out!"

Favourite stores, boutiques?

"I love Autograph in Birmingham as I have been going there for years, they know their shit, they just bring loads and loads of stuff out of the back store room. The Bureau in Belfast is always a must when I'm back home, I miss my flights quite a lot if I have been back home playing over the weekend so its cool as I know I can just pop up to The Bureau and get kitted out. As I live in Glasgow I can be found shopping in Cruse as it has all the essentials, for casual wear and if you want to smart it up a bit."

How do you like to shop?

"With a big phat wallet!"

What is all-time favourite brand/label?

"It's hard but I've narrowed it down to the brand I have bought most over the years which is Maharishi. I have quite a few pairs of trousers that are limited editions so they are collectable, they are also cool and comfy which makes them just perfect for traveling in."

What are you up to?

"As I have the label I've been working in the studio quite a lot with my studio partner Dave Robertson. I've just wanted to get my sound out there, we are now on our sixth release. I've also remixed a track for King Unique called 'Hinode', which received great support, so they have asked me to do a remix of their old track, 'Dirty' which originally came out on Junior. On my own label, Excentric Muzik we are just about to release a new EP which is called 'For the Wee Small Hours' which is a bit tougher than the last releases but has been going down well when I have been playing it out at my gigs so I'm very happy! Later in the year I'm bring out a comp on my label featuring all the original releases which have been on Excentric plus four unreleased tracks. So it's all go."