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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

Xpress 2 give us the ups on their sense of fashion.

X-Press 2 (AB Ashley Beedle, D Diesel, R Rocky)

What are you wearing right now?

AB: A Stussy T-Shirt and Vintage Levi cut downs. D: Shorts, T-shirt, baseball boots. R: Shorts and a t-shirt.

Favourite designers / labels?

AB: Paul Smith, Levis, Stussy, Church's and Uni Qlo. D: Mark Powell / Charlie Allen. R: Don't really bother too much with that kind of thing.

How do you shop?

All: In clothes shops, bizarrely.

Favourite boutique or store?

AB: Stussy, Church Shoes and vintage stores. D: Portobello market. It's local R: I don't really have a favourite. I tend to buy lots of stuff whenever we go to Japan.

Most treasured item?

AB: My first pair of vintage Levis. They are still hanging in there. Pure quality! D: A pair of old loafers, still looking good. R: All my 501s. Nothing comes close as far as jeans go.

Style icon?

AB: Reggae singer Gregory Isaacs in his seventies heyday. Beautiful slacks, a Gabicci top and beaverskin hat. An awesome look that needs resurrecting! D: Prince Michael of Kent (I think that's his name) - a dapper man. R: Do one

What are you up to?

New Single 'Witchi Tai To' is out April 30th on Skint, with mixes from Diesel, 2 Lone Swordsmen, Spencer Parker and M Factor.