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What you wearing

DJ supreme, Danny Howells, comes clean about his choice in cool garbs.

What are you wearing right now?

"Nothing fancy at all! A pair of 1970's Levis with a big hole where there shouldn't be one, and the t-shirt I slept in! I feel extremely lazy today so can't really see any reason to glam up."

Describe your style…

"It changes quite a lot but there's a heavy emphasis on clothes from the 60s and 70s. I always mix it up with newer stuff but don't really go for any expensive stuff these days, unless it's vintage. My paisley phase is sadly over, and I now realise my goth/punk experiments from a couple of years back were nothing more than an (early!) mid-life crisis! I do still love digging out the hats and stuff though."

Favourite designers?

"George of Asda. Honest! I spend way too much on vintage clothes that I can't really justify spunking loads more on new stuff. I always look for bargains with my fiance, in places like Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters etc, but the bulk of what I wear is generally older than I am."

Favourite boutique?.

"What Comes Around Goes Around on Broadway. Plus Chuck's Vintage on Melrose. In fact there's a ton of stores in LA that I adore. I get most of my old t-shirts from New York though. Either when I visit or they send me stuff through the post. I've got some stuff there that is so rare that I know I'd never see anyone else wearing it!"

How do you like to shop?

"My fiance's great because she works in fashion. She quite frequently tells me I've gone too far with my choices. But she does often point out things I would have missed."

Most treasured possession?

"Without a doubt my collection of original rock shirts. I have Bowie ones from the early 70s, a Woodstock one which is amazing, Velvet Underground, The Who etc. The Bowie ones are my absolute favourite though."

What are you up to?

"I've just released my CD, 'The Mix Collection', for Renaissance. I have a track coming out on DJ Pierre's Afro Acid label, a remix for Stryke on Plastic City, plus about 15 of my own productions that I'll releasing very soon!"