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What You Wearing

What You Wearing

It's all about the threads...

What are you wearing right now?

A pair of cut off jeans, I'm at my Sydney office and it's hot as hell so that's my uniform.

Favorite labels / designers

Vintage mainly. Diesel jeans , Pierre Cardin, vintage Spurr Denim. And my own label Kings of New York which is only hoodies. I like to mix new with the old.

How do you shop?

I walk into a store and buy whatever calls my name. In and out, New York and Sydney have great vintage and I stop over in Los Angeles so I get to get my fix there also. I could never buy online how the fuck would you know how it looks like.

Favourite boutique?

A place in Bondi beach called Puff N stuff again a vintage shop. And my no 1 secret is a place call Star Dallas in Brooklyn. The place is a complete tease. The owner's Japanese and he has collected the most amazing items over the years as a hobby. He kills me but defiantly my favorite place to go it's a complete secret and unless you want to walk around Brooklyn looking for it then it will stay that way.

Most treasured item?

I have my dad's chain around my neck which has this old gypsy cross. I have my son's first bangle also on the chain. It's my past and future together keeps me safe.

Favorite site?

www.avfc.co.uk Aston Villa football club. Villa till I die.

What are you up to?

At the moment my main aim is to get my label up and running. myspace.com/wastedyouthmusiccom I'm putting out 'Ride The Storm and then the new ones I've signed, Activ & Optick 'Feel Good'. Also with my DJing commitments I've just started the no1 club night in Sydney called Famous, It's at the old Home night club which has just been redesigned and looks fantastic. Since Centro-Fly closed down in New York 3 years ago I've just been touring so now it's time to build my residency pretty much weekly and tour in a block later on in the year. I miss that regular love of an interaction of a following so now it's time to build that again.