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What You Wearing?

What You Wearing?

Joey Negro flings open his wardrobe for DJMag to have a gander...

What are wearing right now?

“A First World War German uniform Paul Smith personally made for me. In honesty, I’m actually in my bathrobe, but it is indeed made by Paul Smith, be it on a mass produced basis.”

Describe your style…

“I tend to wear jeans most of the time, I have quite a few pairs of Nudie. Also caps and hats. A man in his mid-40s wearing head gear a lot? Why would he be doing this?! I buy online at places like the Kangol Store, they have some unusual materials and colours there you don't ever seem to see in the shops.”

Favourite designer/label?

“If I had to name a one I guess I've bought a fair amount of Alexander McQueen’s stuff, I also like Nodus shirts.”

Favourite boutique?

“When in London I'm a bit boring and tend to go to places like Liberty, Selfridges or Harvey Nichols where there’s a big selection with lots of different designers’ stuff. Also, I buy quite a bit online from Asos which I'm always telling people about, as it’s good for those of us who have time to shop when the stores are shut.”

Favourite sneakers?

“I'm definitely one for the fashion designer type sneakers or plimsolls rather than some limited edited Nike or Adidas trainers. Some pairs I’ve worn a lot recently from Hogan, Dolce, Paul Smith, and Converse All Star.”

Most treasured item?

“I have a few 70s watches which I really like. The trouble is despite the futuristic looks they are wind up and tend to stop without you noticing, I think I even missed a flight once because of one. I bought a D&G watch in Harrods a couple of years ago that’s based on the old test card design and I’ve had more compliments on it than any other I’ve ever owned. I didn’t realise that the testcard was broadcast worldwide, not just to us lucky folks in the UK.”

What are you up to?

“The second instalment of ‘Many Faces Of Joey Negro’ is just released, this is basically a collection of the best of my productions and remixes that we've put out on Z. There's a bonus CD of other people's remixes of my songs featuring the likes of Jimpster, Dave Spoon, DJ Spen. Most of this years studio time has been spent on an Akabu album, which is more deep electronic keyboard driven house than I'm normally known for.”