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Cazzette gives us exclusive wardrobe access

What are you wearing right now?

Sebastian: “A grey t-shirt from The Local Firm. Black jeans from Acne and a hat from Tommy Hilfiger. Right now we're working on a new single in separate studios.”

Alex: “Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans shirt and a pair of Levis 511 classic blue jeans. Classic always works.”

Who is your favourite designer?

Seb: “All Saints, Acne and Gucci. I don't know why, but I like the fitting and how the clothes look.”

Alex: “Honestly different brands are good with different things. To name a few: Gucci makes killer shoes and Tiger Of Sweden is amazing when it comes to jackets. For sunglasses I prefer Cheap Monday!”

What is your favourite boutique/store?

Seb: “I don’t really have one, except the labels I mentioned already.”

Alex: “The Ralph Lauren flagship stores are incredible!”

Which city in the world is the most stylish in your opinion?

Seb: “Stockholm! I think Sweden in general is really fashionable.”

Alex: “New York or Stockholm. Both are filled with people that know how to dress.”

What is your most treasured possession?

Seb: “Shoes. When I buy new shoes, I take care of them like they are my babies, haha!”

Alex: “Laptop first of all. Second place goes to my iphone or Gant watch.”

What are you currently working on?

Seb: “New singles, some remixes!”

Alex: “We have some great tunes lined up for you and also releasing the ‘Eject Pt II’ and ‘Pt II’ of the ‘Eject’ album!”