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What You Wearing?

What You Wearing?

The legend that is Robert Owens, gives us his fashion lowdown.

What are you wearing right now?

Briefs and a tee shirt! (I have some serious designer underwear…) Often its chilly in the house, so I tend to wear pyjamas but when it's hot I like to wear a little as possible.

Favourite labels / designers?

Kohshin Satoh, he's dressed Miles Davis, Michael Jackson and has also worked on interior design at the infamous Michael Todd club behind Palladium in NYC. I like designer clothes as they're often timeless garments. I can dig back to styles from '85 and mix and match with my present clothes.

How do you shop?

A lot of my designer stuff is given me directly but you can't beat getting out onto the high street to see what's out there, same as with my record shopping! I don't buy clothes online as I travel constantly and get to check out the local shops.

Favourite boutique or store?

Suki Shoes in Chelsea. I don't drive and do a lot of walking, so shoes are important! I love Harvey Nichols as well as you get a broad selection of designer clothes and shoes, in fact the whole global spectrum is represented there.

Most treasured item

My shoes…all of them! The first thing people look at is your feet! I have a couple of pairs of great boots I really like and they're also good to travel in. When you have over 200 pairs of shoes it's hard to choose a single pair.

Favourite item of clothing from 1988.

When I first came to England during that time a good friend gave me my first bandana. I wore it to clubs likes Confusion and Shoom, plus warehouse parties like Rip @ Clink Street and Hedonism. Now I have about 8 different colour bandanas, and it's a great summer clubbing item.

What are you up to?

I'm just finishing off my long-awaited album which has been more than 2 years in the making. I've worked with some incredible artists including Charles Webster, Jimpster, Ron Trent, Kid Massive, Atjazz, and Dixon to name a few. And of course 'Greater Love' with DJ Spen is out on MN2S next month which is getting a great response.