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Exclusive wardrobe access

What are you wearing?
“Currently wearing a pair of Boris Bidjan black, waxed, jeans, a pair of A Diciannoveventitre kangaroo leather combat boots, an oversized black cotton t-shirt by Chronicles of Never, silver bracelet by Werkstatt Munchen, and a long vintage silver necklace with a huge black Tremolite charm by Alma De Piedra - my friend's company out of Guadalajara.”

How would you describe your style?
“Hmm... biker, gothic, homeless… chic.”

Describe an outfit you remember from as far back into your chldhood as possible…
“I remember this amazing silver snowsuit I used to wear when I was maybe 5 years old. I must have looked like an inflated foil balloon in that fucking thing but I swore I was capable of space travel when I had it on.”

Who is your favourite designer?
“Right now, I would have to say that Boris Bidjan Saberi out of Barcelona is my favorite designer. Of course I appreciate that his lines are mostly black for my own personal use, but his stuff is really edgy, unique but classic and raw at the same time.”

What is your favourite boutique?
“Kenny and I have a bit of a shopping problem so we've managed to find the one or two shops in almost every city on the planet that carry the designers we're into. H Lorenzo in LA, Archive in San Fran, Darklands in Berlin, Serpentine in Toronto, Assin in Sydney...

What is your most treasured item?
“I would love to say it’s a ring or watch that was passed down to me from a family member but I haven't got anything I could attach that sentimental value to like that. It would more than likely be a pair of shades. I like my clothing, but I love my sunglasses collection. Maybe a pair of limited Alain Mikli's... I've got my eye on my pop's A&M Records gold logo ring that was given to him after 15 years with the label but he wont give it up.. selfish.”

What are you currently working on?
“I'm finishing up the new Art Department LP with Kenny that should be out in May. Something else I'm quite excited about is a new nightclub venture in Toronto that I'm involved with. Aside from that I’m trying to give my No.19 label as much attention as possible. I’m working very closely with guys like Louie Fresco and Clayton Steel as we get set to release their debut LPs. Also doing a ton of work with our rising stars – My Favorite Robot, Eric Volta, Jakkin Rabbit and Cameo Culture alongside planning all of the Social Experiment events and compilations for the year. I'm also managing some young artists and songwriters, some really amazing talents. Between all that and shopping, I'm keeping pretty busy.”