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WMC Tuesday 20 March

WMC Tuesday 20 March

1. DJ Pierre's Afro Acid Miami

The official WMC curtain raiser! This year the sun-showered hedonism begins with an 18-hour session of deep tribal rhythms, classic house grooves and 303 noodling at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa. Original acid house originator DJ Pierre invites his chums Ron Carroll, Harrison Crump and Christy Love to kicks things into gear. And we're off...

2. Get Around

Save yourself the stress of queues, taxi fares and traffic jams by grabbing yourself a nippy scooter – you can pick one up for around $150 for three days. A genius idea, no? Not quite so natty when alcohol has rendered any safe driving skills an impossibility though.

3. Soul On The Beach

London's Garage City duo Bobby and Steve oil up a clued-up crowd of real house lovers with Terry Hunter, David Harness, Ron Carroll and a little lady by the name of Ce Ce Peniston singing live. It's free and the 11-hour party at The Clevelander Hotel gets started at 11am.

4. The Delano

The notoriously chic hang out for the major label bigwigs, if you happen to have a few thousand dollars kicking about then book yourself into the plush, decadent Delano for a couple of nights. Otherwise just hang-out in the soaring lobby looking important. Or grab a quick cocktail in the glamorous chandelier adorned Rose Bar.

5. Pop Tarts 3

Strictly 0% house music, the irreverent Pop Tarts is one of Miami's finest guilty pleasures. This year it's at the female staffed bikers' bar Automatic Slims (think Coyote Ugly) with Tyrant's Lee Burridge and DJ Money tarting it up with '80s classics, vintage pop and party anthems all the way. And it's free. Woop woop.

6. Border Community

Get into the intimate B.E.D. venue for Border Community's night of salacious genre-hopping with floppy haired nonpurist James Holden and Canada's Mistress Barbara.

7. La Sandwicherie

A stone's stumble from Mac's Deuce Bar, La Sandwicherie will be slapping out sumptuous made-to-taste sandwiches right through to 5am. Which is why we'll be found there most mornings. DJmag recommends the mustard and pickle garnished Saussison Sec sub. At just $6.50 you can't go wrong.

8. Metalheadz

Goldie's Metalheadz crew drop down to Studio A for their annual Miami rinse out. Grooverider, Fabio, Bailey, Commix and John B all join the main man. The breakbeat barrage will be pushing right through till 7.30am so come and have a go if you think you're hard enough…