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One of the most powerful and popular drum software programs on the market.

There is an age-old problem for modern producers trying to recreate that “live” drum sound and feel using software or samples. It can often be a difficult area to get right. However, XLN’s Addictive Drums aims to help with this little conundrum.

Addictive Drums is one of the most powerful and popular drum software programs on the market. It lends itself well to any genre of music, so electronic producers who are after that real drum feel will benefit from XLN’s program.

It comes with three pristine drum kits, 100+ producer presets and thousands of MIDI rhythms that can be easily dropped into sessions. Load a complete drum kit with mixer settings and insert effects with one click — it’s designed to be easy to use.

In use there are thousands of beats and fills played by professional drummers to choose from. Drag and drop the beats into a DAW and start building a drum track, simple! DJ Mag was immediately struck by how vibrant the basic sounds were. We opened a track we'd been working on but had parked due to the song sounding a little flat. Drums had been added, but we replaced them with the Addictive drum sounds and the track immediately came to life. It sounded beefier, spikier and more urgent.

Producers can expand Addictive Drums by purchasing expansion packs with other excellent kits and grooves. One of the highlight kits is the vintage kit. Any producers looking to recreate those classic Mark Ronson drum sounds on a budget will not be disappointed. The '70s kit is also very good, covering those thick dry sounds. You can add more room sound or adjust the level of the overhead mics, which is perfect for creating the right amount of space for drums within a track.

Addictive Drums is hands down one of the best drum plug-in programs on the market. Find out more HERE.