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Yo! 90's Jam

Yo! 90's Jam

Soul Clap get jiggy at The Star

They might have played Public Enemy’s ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ when they appeared at The Star last night, but that’s precisely what Soul Clap are surrounded by. Maligned by critics for their edit heavy output, and celebrated by fans for bringing a sense of fun back to house with their ‘80s and ‘90’s r&b and hip-hop influences, Boston boys Eli and Charlie have been setting the world of fire for the past twelve month.

While expert at dropping the freshest house music, as demonstrated on their superb recent No.19 compilation ‘Social Experiment 002’, their more playful venture Yo! 90’s Jam digs deep into the soundtrack of their US youth, revelling in the pair’s past career as hits-of-the-day department store DJs.

With a one in, one out, crowd of twenty somethings doing the running man to ODP, Biggie Smalls, The Pharcyde, George Michael and even New Kids on The Block, and compatriots such as Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow, Lee Foss and Heidi in attendance, tonight is like the ultimate house party, but with beer on tap.

It might be nostalgia of the highest order – half the kids here barely old enough to remember Snow’s ‘Informer’ from first time around – but it’s put together with such skill and authentic love that you can’t help but join the misty-eyed dancefloor, even when it is sometimes to tunes your teenage self would have blanched at…