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Ready for the after party? WE ARE!

In our Apple Music playlist series, some of our favourite DJs guide us through a selection of their ultimate afterparty tunes. This week's selector is Lewis Boardman! 

Ahead of Circus records 14th birthday this weekend, Lewis has put together a carefully selected playlist. 

Read what Lewis had to say on his selection below and get tickets for this weekend here.

"Afterparty 80s special, We're big fans of rocking out the 80's tunes at afterparties and I've witnessed some amazing scenes to the below... enjoy!"

Brain Eno - Regiment

I love David Byrne and this was from his collaborative album with Eno from 81, loose grooves and middle eastern rhythms.

Orange Juice - Rip It Up

I’m a big fan of Edwin Collins, and this was from1982 Scottish punk band orange juice, love it.

ESG - Moody

2m 40 seconds of pure groove! Amazing baseline, crazy congo patterns. Make a move...

Liquid Liquid - Optimo

All about the grooves again from dance punk band Liquid Liquid, always rocks!!!

Toto - Africa

No explanation needed, always works at every party at any time!

Talking Heads - House In Motion

Produced by Eno, again a Fela Kuti inspired drums, unbalanced rhythms and amazing grooves . 

INXS - Need You Tonight

All about the drums. The snare gets everyone going and good tune to set the mood of 100% 80’s nonsense.

Robert Palmer - I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

Pure 80's sleaze and reminds me of an ex girlfriend...

Genesis - Thats All

So good! An amazing record. I played recently back to back with my mate and he dropped this and the place went crazy!! 

Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)

Yacht Rock! Yacht Rock! Yacht Rock!

David Bowie - Lets Dance

Get’s everyone up and dancing no matter the time or place. If its an poolside party in Miami or a student flat in Liverpool. Produced by Nile sang by David unbelievable!

Depeche Mode - Just Can’t Get Enough

I play this as my last tune of the night sometimes and it always goes down well "Just Can't Get Enough" was the final single to be written by founding member Vince Clarke who left the band shortly after this was released, After they starting getting into more darker lyrics and harder synths.

Carly Simon - Why

Written and produced by Nile Rodgers, A Balearic classic!

Soul || Soul - However Do You Want Me

British R&B with a break beat rhythm, produced by the amazing Jazzie B never fails to rescue any dance floor.

Prince - I Wanna Be Your Lover

Ok so technically 1979 but an all time classic and Prince was amazing. Seen him play in The Dome in London a few years ago and was blown away

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

I have witnessed this track destroy after parties. It’s that baseline at the start.

Chris Rea - Josephine (LA Version Francaise)

A Danny Rampling classic, a Balearic classic, a Yacht Rock classic!

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the dark

The Boss! Amazing tune my little brothers favourite.

The Human League - Together

I remember Yousef playing this at Creamfields.