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It's takeChus+Ceballos the past 15 years to finally give birth to their debut album 'Nomadas'

Taking 15 years, In fairness it is actually the bringing together of many of the successful productions that have appeared on their iconic label Stereo Productions since 2000. However, a trip to Burning Man this year brought the whole thing to bubbling, tribal-laced climax. Says the Spanish duo of the album: “It's an inner trip to our deep and ethnic roots, exploring new musical landscapes and vocal collaborations previously unknown for us.”  
The track that reminds you of your childhood? 
Chus: “I always remember my father playing disco and soul on Sunday mornings in the living room. He had a nice vinyl collection and maybe the song ‘Jingo’ by Candido was the one that he played the most. Every time I listen to that chorus it puts me in a great mood and takes me back to that beautiful time.” 

Ceballos: “We only had one portable stereo at home when I was a child, owned by my two sisters that are 7 and 8 years older than me. It was the '80s, the time of techno pop. They were completely obsessed with the Spanish band ‘Mecano’. Probably one of the most played songs was ‘Hijo DLa Luna’ and every time I listen to one of their songs I go back to my childhood and it puts a smile on my face.” 

The first record that you ever bought? 
Chus: “It was a 12’’ maxi single vinyl of Art Of Noise's ‘Moments In Love’. I couldn’t stop playing it when I was alone in my room when I was a student; it made me dream and disconnect from the real world.” 
Ceballos: “I was a big fan of Jean Michel Jarre. A friend of mine introduced me to him and I believe that the first original tape I bought was the album ‘Rendez Vous’ and I played that tape so many times alone in my room that I almost ruined it.” 
The cheesiest record in your collection? 
C+C: “The album ‘Make it Big’ by Wham! It’s a bit cheesy but we both have it and like it. We still remember George Michael jumping around in super tight shorts in the first video clip of the band. I'm sure that George is a bit embarrassed by that outfit after the years.” 

The track that’s guaranteed to make you cry? 
Chus: “I easily cry at the movies but it's difficult for me to cry with just a song. If I have to pick one, I will choose ‘Sweet Lullaby’ by Deep Forest. I used to close with that song for many years in my DJ sets, and after an intense night it was an emotive track to close with.”  
Ceballos: “I don’t usually cry often but if there’s a track that can make it happen it's without doubt ‘Adagio For Strings’ by Samuel Barber. It sounds like the full orchestra is crying, and I discovered the track in the movie 'Platoon', and I'm glad I watched it alone.” 


An album that you’re currently into? 
Chus: “I'm a big fan of the English band London Grammar. They launched their album ‘If You Wait’ last year, and I discovered them through the Sasha remix of their track ‘Hey Now’, the album's now in my favorites on my Spotify playlist.” 

Ceballos: “I recently discovered a mix compilation by Nick Warren called ‘The Soundgarden’ and it's a great album when I want to chill at home, full of beautiful electronic music landscapes with an epic track called ‘Says’ by Nils Frahm.” 

The record in your collection that you most treasure? 
Chus: “The record with the most personal value in my collection is probably 'Tubular Bells' by Mike Oldfield. I discovered it thanks to my father, and it was created the same year I was born, 1971. It's an all-time classic masterpiece.” 

Ceballos: “The most influential band of my teenage years was 'Depeche Mode’ and the album ‘101’, a live concert of the band is probably the album that I listened to the most when I was younger. I remember listening to that album and dreaming of playing the keyboards live with my own band in the future.” 

Your all-time favorite track of all time? 
Chus: “‘Entre Dos Aguas’ by Paco de Lucia, one of the best flamenco guitar players of all time. This song is pure feeling from start to finish. I booked a flamenco band to play that song when the bride was arriving to the church the day I was married, an unforgettable moment.” 

Ceballos: If I had to pick one it would be from Depeche Mode and I would say ‘Enjoy The Silence’ is my favorite song. It came out on a 12-inch single with amazing remixes, and the track is on the album ‘Violator’, which is my favorite studio album from the band, and still sounds edgy and fresh after all these years.”