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With Miller Genuine Draft

So tell us, how does it feel to have finished third in this year’s Miller SoundClash?

“It feels great, and I am really excited because it is such a big opportunity – not just for me – but for my whole country. The scene in Honduras is starting to grow and I think this award is going to open more doors to DJs and producers in my county. Actually that was my goal in coming here - to open those doors for other DJs in Honduras.”

Were you feeling confident after your set yesterday?

"Yeah, at first I was a little bit nervous. I have played big festivals in my country but I have never played in a club like that, with such an incredible vibe. So although I was nervous at the beginning, by the time my set finished I didn't want to come off! It was incredible!”

The judges really enjoyed your set, it  was the perfect sound for Las Vegas. How did you go about putting it together?

"Actually, it is hard for a DJ to play a set in just 20 minutes because you have to build up a climax in a short space of time, but it is also a challenge that I enjoyed - learning to build something quickly.”

So yesterday, you got to meet The Chainsmokers...

“Yes, they were so humble - really cool guys.”

What advice did they give you?

“They told me to keep working, keep focussing on music and keep trying new things. They were telling me that when they work in the studio, they make sure that each time they leave having learnt a new skill or technique. That was very inspiring advice.”

What did you manage to learn in the studio with Luca Preletosi yesterday?

“Luca is just amazing! He taught us how to do things that would take us hours in just such a short space of time, with just really simple tips. He gave us an example of mash-ups. In Honduras I make a lot of mash-ups, but they usually take me around two hours to get each one right, but he gave us some great tips which are going to really speed up my workflow in future.”

Have you been getting lots of messages of support from back home?

“Yes, I have had lots of messages from my girlfriend, family, friends and fans in Honduras. They have been really into what is happening here!”


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