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Firstly, where does your DJ name ‘Jayboo’ come from?

"Ah, so I started a new project but I didn't have a name, so I brainstormed some ideas and when I read them all to my friends I got to 'Jayboo' they said 'stop, stop Jayboo is the one!'. I think it is because I am such an extraverted guy, so the 'Boo' expresses that perfectly."

Yes, it's a great name for you! So tell us, how does it feel to be this year's Miller SoundClash runner up?

"Oh, it’s such a great opportunity. I'm really happy as everyone in Brazil has been sending me support and advice. My social media has been growing about four times faster than before the competition so it's been so great for me and I'm just so happy to be here."

Were you feeling confident after your set yesterday?

"Actually I didn't feel too confident. I found it quite difficult to play in the sun as you couldn't see the LEDS on the CDJs and the mixer. I usually play a little differently, but to be honest I spent more time studying english to come here than working on my set. For that reason, I was more nervous about performing my set. So my advice to everyone is to just be focussed and if you can't speak well, don't worry about that - don't be shy because it's more important to be focused on the competition than the communication. You have to express yourself with your equipment!

The judges really enjoyed your set, it was incredibly creative and you played the CDJs, almost like an instrument..."

"I like to do things differently! I tried to express myself with my heart and be different from the other finalists. Sometimes it is hard to be technically perfect, but I prefer to be different because I love to improvise. Nowadays there are so many DJs in the world that I know that I need to try to stand out."

Was your set planned at all then, or fully improvised?

“Well, I had some routines planned out, but I couldn't do all of them as the sun was so high so it was mainly improvisation. When I finished my set, I felt like it could have been better…”

But still you have come out in 2nd place...

"Yes I know, it is amazing but I am a bit of a perfectionist. But the best thing is that I am trying to see what I did well and what I could have improved, so that I can grow as an artist. Because I didn't win the competition, I feel more motivated to improve. I have to improve my skills more than ever. Because to win this competition you have to have everything right!"

So did you get to meet with The Chainsmokers?

"Yes, I really love them and they really taught us how to move a crowd. It is amazing to learn from them, as they are superstars.”

I know you run a DJ school in Brazil. Have you heard from your students?

"Yes, a lot! They sent me a lot of messages saying 'Go teacher go!'. I am a guy who loves to get involved with people in a positive way, so when someone speaks to me for some advice, I think 'yeah, I did something good for that guy' so it's great to get these messages back today. I think that if the world worked in that way it would be a great place. If you send a good message, one day you will be rewarded!”

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